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Cornelia refers her clients to us because she knows that they'll be taken care of

Cornelia-Luethi FX Marketing


The Problem:

As an SEO copywriter, I need a number of things from a web designer:

  • Making all the SEO elements available in the back end (for example, the page title and meta description for each page, as well as image attributes, and the availability of H1, H2, H3 headings etc.). You would think that every web developer would be well-versed in this, but I can assure you that's absolutely not the case. Yet without SEO knowledge, my SEO copywriting work is all for nothing.
  • An excellent understanding of website conversion techniques, which includes how elements on a page need to interact together to guide the user's experience. Again, I've found that many web developers are lacking in this know-how, yet the number one thing customers want from a website is conversions.
  • The ability to harness technology to deliver business outcomes. This is all about using technology to create a good experience for both the website user, and the business owner. For example, a website designer that only uses heavily-templated websites such as Wix, Weebly, and Squarespace will struggle to deliver customised solutions.However, at the other end of the scale, it is not about focusing on technology and code to such a degree that design and usability are forgotten about. It's about keeping a balance between the technology, the user experience - and also the cost.
  • Someone who is professional and reflects well on my own reputation.

The Solution:

I've worked with Trisha Cupra at Quokka Creative since 2011, on both my own websites and clients' websites, and continue to recommend her. In fact, she's the only web designer I will recommend - and I've met dozens and dozens of them in my 23-year marketing and copywriting career.

Trisha intelligently balances and combines the user experience, SEO, attractive, conversion-driven design, and underpins it with the technology to make it happen. Trisha has more web design talent in her little finger, than most web designers have as a whole. Really.

Why is Trisha so outstanding? I think it's because she continually learns, evolves, and upskills. She's always up-to-date on the latest web design trends, and knows how to harness them for best effect. She also has the integrity and honesty to point out when an idea won't work. Plus she's an absolute perfectionist so that the finished website is better-than-perfect. It's been excellent to watch Trisha's skills evolve and develop in the time I have known her.

Trisha's perfectionist tendencies means that she really 'absorbs' any project she's working on. She'll think outside the box, and adds value to every project by suggesting ideas proactively to improve the project beyond what you thought can be possible. This is one of the skills that elevates Quokka Creative from other website companies: it's not just a case of implementing your instructions, but really bringing it to life in a way that's proactive, helpful, and also inspiring.

What's more, Trisha's design skills extend beyond the online world, too. I have used Quokka Creative for logo design, business card design, book cover design, and other projects, and have always been thrilled with the results.

I'm also a big fan of Trisha's hosting packages. Having previously been stung by 'cheap' hosting that then sent me a hefty, unannounced invoice when my website got hacked, I appreciate the security and backup measures included in her proactive service.

The Outcome:

For myself, Trisha has delivered the platform to communicate my business to my customers, in a way that reflects my needs. In some instances that's been via ecommerce solutions that have allowed me to generate online sales - and in a way that doesn't incur any monthly fees (other than the reasonably-priced hosting).

For my customers, Trisha has delivered websites that generate quality enquiries, online sales, online bookings, and so much more. All wrapped up in beautifully-designed sites that are a perfect representation of the clients' individual brand values and design preferences. The websites are quick to load, a delight to use (and on all types of devices), and rank well on search engines. What more could you want?

Every time I refer a customer to Quokka Creative, I know that they are in capable hands, and will be well looked after. After all, when I recommend a supplier to a client, it's my own reputation that's on the line too, so I don't make recommendations lightly.

I would definitely recommend Quokka Creative to anyone who values quality workmanship, and a quality outcome.

- Cornelia Luethi

Michelle needed a new website to appeal to the type of client who wants a custom dream home

Michelle Leonard of LC Designer Homes in New Zealand talks about how their business outgrew their former website when they changed target audiences. Check out their new website.

Hi, it's Michelle Leonard here from LC Designer Homes. We recently engaged Trisha from Quokka Creative to put together and to build a brand new website.

She had previously done our earlier website, but we felt that we'd outgrown it. So we briefed her to design us a brand new website that connected with the audience that we wanted to connect with.

Trisha absolutely nailed it.

We have seen an increase of 150% of traffic to our website, and we are continually getting people saying how beautiful it is. Which it absolutely is.

Trisha is fantastic to work with and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. Thank you, Trisha for all of your help. And I look forward to working with you again.

— Michelle Leonard
LC Designer Homes