Happy Kiwi WordPress Hosting

What you get...

We look after your WordPress website for you, so you don't have to. If anything goes wrong, we talk to the uber-geeks who keep the cogs turning and get things sorted out for you on your behalf.

We keep your WordPress website backed up daily. If your website crashes, gets hacked or you accidentally make it disappear, we can resurrect it with yesterday's backup.

We keep everything up-to-date. We make sure you don't have any security loopholes open for hackers that could have been easily fixed with the latest updates of WP and your themes and plugins.

We can give you access to WordPress Training Videos and Manual so that you (or your staff) can make small changes to your site's content yourself, if necessary. We make sure you have username and passwords for any of your staff who needs accounts, at the proper access level.

We include one support ticket per month with your package. We'll do one task that takes up to 30 minutes and that can be done within your WP Admin for you. For instance, we can schedule your blog posts for you or add a video that you created. We can also crop and optimise images.

Here's the fine print. You get up to 5GB of storage and up to 10,000 visitors per month. We hook your website up to Google Analytics. If you stop paying, we put a "Under Maintenance" sign up instead of your site until you do. If you leave, we'll give you a copy of your site. You pay monthly in advance and we don't do pro-rata refunds. You agree to our host provider's terms here which are liable to change, who we deal with on your behalf. We are available during NZ business hours by email.

Any questions? Just ask here.

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